This July 20-24, staff, students, instructors and families from Tiger Rock Academy will travel to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the World Championships in Taekwondo.  The event also includes high level seminars, training opportunities with the highest ranking Black Belts in the world, and more.  Many students from both Lincoln and Omaha will be competing in the championships which expect over 10,000 in attendance.

Also at this world event, Jeff Dousharm, owner of Tiger Rock Academy, will be testing for the rank of 7th Degree Senior Master.  This is the physical portion of the test and is a culmination of over 22 years experience and training.   In addition to the physical testing, he has written the equivalent of a thesis presentation, gone before several review boards and preliminary tests and received approval of Grand Masters and founders of Tiger Rock Martial Arts.  The process is quite extensive and is one that few have passed.  Dousharm, upon passing, would become one of only a few dozen individuals to have attained this rank.

For more information, please contact Jeff Dousharm at (402) 483-1011, or visit our website at