Thirst Tea Café ( recently opened its third location at 555 Cornhusker Rd. in Bellevue. That’s just southwest of Cornhusker Road & Fort Crook Road. A related business, Sakai Sushi Train and Grill, will open in a few weeks at the same space. Thirst Tea has existing locations at 76th and Dodge St. and in Midtown Crossing.

Thirst Tea Café specializes in Bubble Tea, which is the popular name given to the variety of refreshing flavored fruit teas and milk teas served cold or hot with tapioca balls that you suck up through a fat straw. Its like a snack and a drink at the same time! Many refer to the tapioca balls as “boba” or “pearls” and then others just call it “bubbles.” But the true origins of the name “bubble tea” comes from the frothy bubbles that appear when the drinks are shaken during preparation.

It’s not only tea that Thirst Tea Café specialize in. They also expanded that to flavor-infused teas like their passion fruit jasmine tea blend to their matcha milky tea. Any of their drinks can be topped off with their signature topping of “boba,” which is tapioca shaped to a round and chewy consistency then sweetened to perfection, or any of their other choices of toppings available.

Thirst Tea Café welcomes you to join them in their passion for tea. To learn more, visit