We recently set up shop at the 2013 Buy The Big O Show, not only to get the word out about Strictly Business but to visit all of the fantastic booths hosted by our clients and many other Omaha businesses.  Being in the advertising world ourselves, we are always looking to help businesses and organizations promote themselves creatively and we recognize the ones who find ways to stand out in the crowd.  Buy the Big O Show is the region’s largest and most prestigious business-to-business trade show, so in honor of this we chose three of our favorite trade show booths out of the hundreds of amazing displays to share with our readers! Our Top 3 are: LaRue Coffee, Lauritzen Gardens, and Vital Signs!!!  LaRue Coffee utilized the aroma of their fresh coffee samples to attract visitors to their booth, Lauritzen Gardens had a gorgeous display of plants, and Vital Signs caught our attention with a moving mannequin that displayed their signage.  It was truly great seeing so many local businesses showcase their creativity to get known! We want to thank everyone who stopped by to visit us throughout the day, as well as everyone who made the 2013 Buy the Big O Show such a worthwhile event!