The Pizza Pie Guys, the only “make your own pizza” restaurant in Omaha, is pleased to announce it recently opened at 3113 North 120th Street.  At The Pizza Pie Guys, everyone gets a curst and then chooses toppings from their pizza bar.  There are over 30 toppings and the price includes them all.  The Pizza Pie Guys also has two party rooms, each equipped with a Smartboard, project, XBOX Kinect and 50 feet of marker board.

The Pizza Pie Guys will make dinner out with your family fun again. Parents can actually have a conversation, while their kids entertain themselves with creative games. In addition to being family friendly, their pizzas cook in three minutes, allowing people to get back to work in a timely fashion at lunch. The Pizza Pie Guys is unique, locally owned and want to make your experience great.

For more information about The Pizza Pie Guys, please contact Dan Reid at (402) 505-8774 or visit them online at