The Greater Omaha Chamber (, GOC), the region’s leading business membership organization, is excited to announce that its GrOW program has become an independent entity, now named The Work Lab Inc. (, TWL). This transition aims to enhance the program’s impact on the community by providing focused support to partner companies and their employees.

TWL offers a unique service model, including on-site WorkLife Coaches, to assist employees with personal and career-related challenges. This approach not only supports individual growth but also addresses workforce development needs, contributing to a thriving business community. TWL will continue to collaborate closely with the Chamber, reinforcing their shared commitment to talent development and economic growth in the Omaha area.

Chad Mares, Executive Director of TWL, stated, “The transition from the GrOW program to The Work Lab represents the fulfillment of our original mission to build a new, sustainable talent development strategy that can impact individuals in the workplace and at home, provide marketplace value to employers, and can provide insight into broader trends that we can use to develop and implement additional strategies to address the future of work.”

Tammy Carlson, Chief Process Officer at Lozier Corporation added, “We are grateful for the Greater Omaha Chamber’s support in the development of the GrOW program. It is exciting to see the program thriving and becoming independent as The Work Lab.”

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