The Filter Shop would like to announce that all three of their service technicians are now NCT (NAFA Certified Technician) qualified and now have two going for their CAFS (Certified Air Filtration Specialists). These are ‘tested’ qualifications that require knowledge of the filters and applications their customers use every day. Along with this, their service department has experienced 40% growth over the same time period last year. The Filter Shop Service Department is well known for it “Raving Fan” style of service.

The Filter Shop is a full-service HVAC filter company located right here in Omaha. Their new location is 8730 F Street (next to the Pamida building). They provide filters for commercial and industrial applications, including water filters, cotton wood filters, clean-room and hospitals, and dust collection. They also have belts, negative air machines and a service department to change out your filters for you!

Give The Filter Shop a call at (402) 597-1988 or visit: