The Corky Canvas is excited to announce they will host several special events in honor of Valentine’s Day in February.  Valentine’s Date Nights will be hosted on February 14th and 15th.  At these special classes designed for couples, each person will paint an individual canvas that is part of one painting.  Once each side is painted, you can hang them on the wall together!  The two paintings offered are titled ‘Hand in Hand’ and ‘Love in the Rain’, and the cost for the class is $35 per person.  These classes are a unique way to make a special memory with your loved one!  The Corky Canvas will also offer a Mimosa Morning class on February 15th, which will feature a very cute ‘First Comes Love’ painting.  To sign up for these classes, visit the Event Calendar at

The Corky Canvas is Nebraska’s first Paint and Wine Studio. With a paint brush in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, and music rockin’ you are bound to have a great time–no artistic ability needed! The Corky Canvas is located in Midtown Crossing with free parking.  For more information or to book a party at The Corky Canvas, call (402) 637-4066 or email  You can also visit their website at