Stacy Baker, Acquisitions Editor at Tate Publishing, announced the signing of Andy Greenberg as the author of Your Daily HIgh with Andy Greenberg. The book is a collection of his best motivational vignettes that are broadcast to hundreds of radio stations across the country each week on the Radio America Network.

Tate Publishing is a mainline royalty publisher that works with unknown authors as well as celebrity authors. Through intensive marketing and publicity, Tate Publishing works to help authors rise to the top of the publishing industry, including the NY Times Bestsellers list, and holds the number one sales spot on Amazon.

Andy Greenberg transitioned to a speaker-trainer and author after completing 35 years in corporate America as a sales and marketing professional. He lives in Omaha where his business “Speaking of Andy Greenberg” is based.

For more information about  Tate Publishing, please call Andy at (402) 250-3895 or email or visit them on the web at