Tagg, which stands for Together A Greater Good, recently launched with two goals in mind:  Help local non profit organizations raise money in a fresh easy way AND help local businesses be charitable while generating new business.

So far Tagg is working with nearly 60 businesses and is helping over 40 organizations including schools, youth sports teams, and other non-profits.  These organizations ask supporters to visit Tagg’s website (www.taggfundraising.com) to shop for vouchers to local businesses, and at checkout, they choose a participating organization to receive 20% of their purchase.  People love a fundraiser where they can get something useful and support local businesses as well.

Businesses use Tagg to increase brand awareness, be a good neighbor, and to simplify their charitable giving so they don’t feel the need to fulfill or ignore each donation request that comes through their door. Tagg allows them to support everyone fairly, and the flexibility to set offers at face value or a discount and limit how many or sold and how often people can buy them.

For more information about Tagg, please contact Holly Baker at (402) 541-3915 or email her at holly@taggfundraising.com.