The Fresh Taste of West-Mex® is multiplying in Omaha with a new Taco John’s on 602 S. 72nd street.

Taco John’s, a leading quick-serve Mexican restaurant, is opening its newest facility at 72nd street 6 blocks south of Dodge.   Jeff & Debbie Bremer are the owners of the new Taco John’s restaurant.

Taco John’s has incorporated the franchise’s new store design, currently being rolled out throughout the Taco John’s system, to contribute to the appealing new look.

According to Renée Middleton, Taco John’s Vice President of Marketing, the store’s new, fresh face builds on the company’s heritage. Along with a colorful store design, the fresh image includes new signage integrating the signature Taco John’s character to create a traditional touch to the new image.

There are over 400 Taco John’s franchised Mexican quick-serve restaurants in 24 states. The chain was formed in Cheyenne in 1968 and opened the first operation in 1969.

For more information about Taco John’s, please contact Lori Rockwell at (402) 884-2799.