Swishboom (swishboom.com), a startup based in Omaha that helps parents find trustworthy babysitters, is thrilled to announce its latest corporate partnerships with Omaha businesses such as QLI and Quantum Workplace. Swishboom Corporate Partnerships give companies’ employees access to Swishboom’s Verified Network. The Verified Network is a pool of extensively vetted babysitters, ensuring the utmost safety and peace of mind.

The Swishboom Verified Network is a game-changer for families seeking reliable childcare options. Each babysitter within the network has undergone a rigorous screening process, which includes a personal call, social media check, sex offender registry check and reference check by three trusted personal contacts. Families can confidently subscribe to the Swishboom Verified Network, gaining access to over 230 local sitters who have met the highest safety standards. Offering Swishboom as a benefit is another way companies can retain their employees, as well as help out employees who are relocating for a position and don’t know any local babysitters.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with QLI and Quantum Workplace as Swishboom Corporate Partners,” said Kellee Mikuls, founder and CEO of Swishboom. “By incorporating the Swishboom Verified Network into their employee benefits packages, companies are demonstrating their dedication to employee well-being, family values and creating a conducive work-life balance.”

Swishboom is actively pursuing partnerships with additional Omaha companies, recognizing the importance of extending this invaluable benefit to as many working parents as possible. As the demand for flexible and reliable childcare options continues to rise, Swishboom’s Verified Network emerges as a trusted solution. For more information, please visit swishboom.com.