Deb Maxfield, owner of Stripe it Rich Parking Lot Services, is pleased to announce she now offers Infrared Asphalt Patching for parking lots in Omaha. Infrared asphalt patching is cutting edge technology that recycles existing asphalt, thus creating less waste.  Fast 20 minute repairs means minimal traffic disruption and seamless patches result in no water penetration below the surface, all at a considerably lower cost than current repair and replace methods.

Stripe it Rich, LLC is woman-owned and family operated.  They offer parking lot maintenance services such as asphalt patching, asphalt overlays, asphalt crack seal, asphalt seal coat, concrete repairs, parking lot striping and parking lost signage as well as the new infrared asphalt patching.  Their goal is to provide high-quality work and first-rate customer care.

For more information about Stripe it Rich, LLC , please call (402) 637-2853 or visit them online at