Spike Business Plans is pleased to announce it has recently opened.  Spike helps their clients obtain a clearer understanding of their mission and new ways of achieving their objectives through the business planning process.   They help you attract new clients through complete and effective business and marketing plans.

Spike’s business planning program starts with industry specific market research and competitor research; which provides the necessary base for making good decisions.   They will collaborate with you to craft a great mission and vision statement for your business.  They take stock of your services, what you offer, what you know and turn these into irresistible programs that will make prospective clients sit up and take notice.  Together, you will develop an extremely specific plan which helps you to reach your clients in large numbers.

For more information about Spike Business Plans, please contact David Gregg at (402) 215-1960 or visit them online at www.spikebusinessplans.com.