Sometimes when you follow a dream, you end up at an unexpected destination. In 1992 Dave Snitily started his company in 1992 and was soon joined by his friend Doug Carr. Now, twenty years later, the two lead a full-service advertising agency serving local, regional and national clients.

“I never could have imagined the growth we’ve achieved,” said Snitily, president of Snitily Carr. “We started small, working with a few local businesses. Hard work led to new clients and opportunities to grow by acquiring other companies. I’m proud of the talented creative team we’ve built to serve our diverse group of clients.”

Snitily and Carr believe their business has grown because their first priority is their clients’ success.

“We’ve been fortunate to work with some outstanding people in Nebraska and beyond,” said Carr, vice president of Snitily Carr. “We get to know each client, and as our relationship grows we discover new and better ways to create effective marketing strategies for them.”
It’s hard to say what’s ahead for Snitily Carr, but it’s sure to include adapting to a changing advertising environment.

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