SHOLDIT, the creators of the world’s only patent-pending Clutch Wrap™ purse, has just announced the launch of their latest fashionable collection, the INFINITY Clutch Wrap™ Purse Collection.

The new INFINITY Clutch Wrap™ purse collection features 5 eye popping colors: Cardinal (red), Peacock (blue), Raven (black), Meadowlark (yellow), and Mourning Dove (grey). Differentiating the new collection from SHOLDIT’s original SIGNATURE Clutch Wrap™ purse line is a new lightweight fabric, (no cinch toggle for cross body wear), a single hidden zippered pocket, increased length to 31” for a one-size-fits-most fit, and a lower price point at only $40. The new styles can be worn 4 ways: double wrapped around the neck, single wrapped around the neck, around the shoulders as a shrug, or folded up into a clutch.

SHOLDIT introduced its first collection, the SIGNATURE Clutch Wrap™ purse, in mid-2012. The SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap™ purse is a savvy alternative to the traditional handbag. At first glance, it looks like a traditional scarf. Upon further investigation, the Clutch Wrap™ purse features 1 or 2 hidden zippered pocket(s) perfectly sized to carry a woman’s essentials – such as a cell phone, keys, cash, debit cards, ID card, etc. – so she can leave the handbag at home.

The new INFINITY Clutch Wrap™ purse collection is now available at