Savory Spice Shop is pleased to announce they opened a new location in Rockbrook Village over the holiday season. Owners/operators and Omaha residents Debbie and Murat Akyurek are thrilled to bring their new business to the Rockbrook Village community and to bring their passion for food and spices with them. Begun in Colorado in 2004, Savory Spice Shop has a loyal customer base in the Denver Metro area. They began franchising the concept in 2009 and since have shared this cook’s paradise with 25 franchises.

Savory Spice Shop offers more than 400 fresh ground herbs and spices, 150+ hand-crafted seasonings, extracts, organic selections and gift sets. Products are ground and blended to order weekly to ensure superior freshness. Customers are encouraged to sample products and buy packages of only the amounts that they need, starting at as little as a half ounce.

Savory Spice Shop is located in Rockbrook Village at 10919 Elm Street.

For more information about Savory Spice Shop, please call (402) 312-1598 or visit: