Sean Leach is pleased to announce that his company, S & A Enterprises Inc. is celebrating its first anniversary in business.

S & A Enterprises Inc. helps contractors be compliant with the ever-changing and demanding OSHA requirements. OSHA’s rules and regulations are not to be taken lightly as fines for violations have reached upwards of 60,000.00. S & A Enterprises Inc. has recognized these violations and the need for helping contractors avoid them.

S & A Enterprises Inc. has supplied companies with new safety plans, monthly and quarterly training, knowledge about OSHA standards, jobsite analysis and OSHA record-keeping.

Contractors are in need of safety information on a daily basis. The economy has hit the building market hard, and in this need of recovery contractors do not need the high costs of fines that OSHA issues for violations, or increased insurance costs.

For more information about S & A Enterprises Inc., please contact Sean Leach at or (402) 332-8930 or visit them online at