Rockbrook Urgent Care is excited to announce they are a part of a new program called Convenient Care Plus.  This is a new program that makes medical and preventative care more affordable for individuals and families, and is valuable for anyone that has no insurance or even high deductible insurance.  Convenient Care Plus, a new Omaha company, is offering employers and individuals a monthly plan that allows unlimited visits to four Omaha-area and Lincoln medical clinics for basic health care issues such as sore throats, pink eye, allergies, ear or urinary tract infections or sprains.  This program is not meant to replace insurance or one’s primary care doctor, but to provide a place to go, with no appointment needed, to keep minor costs off the insurers’ books in order to avoid tapping into your insurance for minor issues.

Rockbrook Urgent Care, located at 2821 S. 108th street, provides quality medical care for people who need treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, as well as wellness and occupational services.

For more information about Rockbrook Urgent Care, please call (402) 933-8201 or visit their website at