Women-owned Remseal LLC (www.rem-seal.com) is a new concrete joint sealing and concrete parking lot maintenance business in Omaha, opened this year by Kimberly Remmereid, who also owns Contour Construction. Remseal LLC is an opportunity for Kimberly and her group of professionals to continue to contribute more of their exceptional work to the construction industry.

Sealing joints in your concrete paving is key to prolonging the life of a concrete investment. Joints in slabs are critical for relieving stress to prevent cracking. Not sealing these joints could lead to premature concrete failure, joint deterioration, and water infiltration to the subgrade.

Concrete parking lot and paving maintenance can extend pavement’s lifespan and help avoid potholes and cracks from forming. Maintenance can include cleaning and sealing existing joints, routing and sealing cracks, striping and pavement marking, and traffic sign replacement. Preventative maintenance can reduce spending, as resealing costs are significantly lower than resurfacing costs on average.

Learn more about Remseal LLC online at www.rem-seal.com or contact Kimberly at (402) 238-2599 / kimberly@rem-seal.com.