Ray Trimble, President of PropertyBanc Inc., a full-service commercial real estate company, announced the addition of two partners to the ownership level.  Mike Donovan and Jeff Konen have become part owners of the company and are assuming larger roles in the future development of the various services PropertyBanc offers.

Donovan has extensive background in the construction management field and oversees this function at PropertyBanc, as well as marketing and business development. Konen, who has significant experience in commercial financing, will maintain operational oversight, along with sales and leasing.
Trimble, with more than 30 years experience in the real estate market, continues to leverage long-term relationships with clients as he works to assist in their wealth-building goals. PropertyBanc often acts as a buyer or tenant representative in the procurement of commercial real estate. The company is presently located in midtown at 4383 Nicholas Street in the historic Omar Bakery Building. PropertyBanc is marketing several development projects along the West Dodge and Maple Street corridor, in addition to three projects in the Southport area of Sarpy County.

For more information about Ray Trimble, please contact Jeff Konen at (402) 933-2999 or jeff@propertybanc.com or vist their website propertybanc.com