Portable Safety Saws in Stock at Midwest Woodworkers in Omaha, Nebraska

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Midwest Woodworkers has the new SawStop Jobsite Saws on display and in stock.  This table saw unites the SawStop safety braking system with compact portability.  It will have a huge impact on worksite safety for construction workers, builders, remodelers and amateur woodworkers.

SawStop table saws feature a safety braking system that reacts on contact with skin and stops the blade, preventing fingers from being cut off.  In addition, this saw has features not found on other saws in its class like one-turn elevation, quick tilt, on-board tool storage and on-demand material support, and more.

Gerry Phelan, owner of Midwest Woodworkers, says, “Tangling with a table saw blade is a life changing event.  With the SawStop safety system you eliminate that risk. We use a SawStop in our shop and in the past year we have had two incidents where fingers came in contact with the blade.  Instead of losing fingers, they were able to put on a Band-Aid and go back to work.”  The new SawStop Jobsite Saw extends that security to construction sites and field work.

In the US alone there is a table saw incident every nine minutes.  Protect yourself and your employees; the SawStop brake system stops and drops the blade on contact with skin, faster than an airbag. See the SawStop Jobsite Saw at Midwest Woodworker’s showroom at 144605 Wright Street in Omaha.  Or if you would like more information about Midwest Woodworkers, you can contact Gerry Phelan at gerry@midwestwoodworkers.com or by phone at (402) 330-5444.

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