Plastilite Corporation (, located in northeast Omaha, is proud to announce their expanded EPS #6 foam recycling capabilities. With a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, they have purchased a larger foam densifier and have tripled their drop off capacities. EPS foam (better known as Styrofoam) is the rigid white packaging used to transport goods like televisions, appliances, temperature sensitive medications, those steaks from a local company you may have heard of and even your holiday presents.

“Plastics are being vilified in the press these days by people who don’t see or understand the whole picture,” said CEO Jon Ehly. “Because it is so lightweight, EPS packaging reduces the carbon footprint of everything that it protects during transportation from steaks to produce to refrigerators. Numerous life cycle analysis reports confirm the use of EPS packaging results in less greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, water consumption and waste than alternative materials. We want everyone to know that it’s also completely recyclable.”

The majority of the recycled EPS material is densified and then resold to several companies that make insulating board for construction, picture frames and screwdriver handles. In 2022, Plastilite recycled over 99 tons of EPS material. In 2023, with the renewed community outreach, Plastilite has recycled over 133 tons and counting.

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