CoSentry and Pinpoint Network Solutions announced the completion of a major transatlantic connectivity build that will significantly expand CoSentry’s ability to provide cloud-based solutions to a growing number of content management providers and enterprise accounts.

The new capability takes advantage of CoSentry’s existing facilities in Manchester, UK and creates a common service platform that allows CoSentry’s U.S. data centers to process at speeds required by CMS providers.  The ultra speed link assures transport of applications below the 70 millisecond mark that allows North American companies to operate seamlessly in Europe, without disruption.

Pinpoint Network Solutions provides the entire array of communication services with a private, non-compromised network for that spans 19 states reaching from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. Services provided by Pinpoint include transport, data center services and Internet. Pinpoint’s IP Connect is a unique solution that allows businesses access to a dedicated, secure connection on their exclusive IP Network and provides access to all services, including transport, data center, internet, and other mission critical applications.  For more information, please contact Michael O’Dell at 800-793-2788.