Phoenix Construction Group Inc. began as a natural expansion of side projects and quickly became a burgeoning general contractor for commercial construction in April 2012. Formed by President David Critser, Phoenix Construction provides construction management, cost estimating, general contracting and pre-construction services, as well as having design-build capability. Phoenix acquired an office space at 12925 W. Dodge Rd., Ste. 108, in Omaha in July and has four full-time employees with additional part-time employees. Phoenix Construction’s current job list ranges from small renovation projects for local developers to projects for large corporations as high as $5 million dollars.

“We started out small, doing projects with a short turn-around time and are trying to balance that with pre-planning for future development,” Critser said. “Smaller renovation projects meet our immediate needs while we work on pre-construction and planning for larger long-term projects. My goal is to find that mix of larger and smaller jobs for continued company growth and increased market share.”

Critser has 18 years of commercial construction experience, beginning as a laborer and carpenter during high school and college.

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