Doug Fitzgerald of Lincoln is proud to announce that his new personal development website,, opened to the public February 1, 2012.

Doug Fitzgerald’s lifelong purpose has been to help people use their God-given passions, talents and abilities to be the absolute best that they can possibly be in their lives so that ultimately they can “Finish Life Well™”!  The monthly membership site, called Finish Life Well™, highlights and covers six important areas that Doug has identified as “crucial” in developing a life of impact and fulfillment:  Faith, Relationships, Business/Career, Finances, Health/Fitness, and Fun.  Each month, members of the website receive the following premium content:  A Finish Life Well™ video training session covering one of the six areas, a downloadable mp3 of the monthly session, a monthly challenge and “to-do” list, resources and resource suggestions from experts in the field, access to the exclusive Finish Life Well™ Facebook group and more.

To subscribe or for more information about Finish Life Well™, please contact Mysi Girdlestone at or go to