Paramount Commercial Real Estate would like to welcome Prime Home Developmental Disabilities Services, Inc. to their new Executive Plaza, located at 6818 Grover Street, which is centrally located off I-80 and 72nd street.  Prime Home Developmental Disabilities Services, Inc. has moved into Suite 102, and has been in operation since July of 2011 after receiving their certification to provide habilitative and residential services from Health and Human Services of Nebraska. The agency, through coordination with families, case workers and medical professionals, seeks to be the catalyst to providing habilitative programs to meet the needs of and increase the independence and skill sets of people with a developmental disability, through their network of extended family homes.  Prime Home Developmental Disabilities Services, Inc. is committed to improving the way our community cares for people and their families that are coping with a developmental disability, by providing a nurturing and integrated continuum of care in a family based setting.  For more information, please contact Randall Bojanski at (402) 932-0072 or by email at  You can visit their website at

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