Outlook Collaborative Provides Strategic Structure for Growth of Mission

Outlook Collaborative (www.outlookne.org) is the newly-formed parent organization of four entities that serve the visually impaired in Omaha: Outlook Nebraska, Outlook Business Solutions, Outlook Enrichment, and Outlook Properties. The umbrella organization provides operational support resources to these subsidiaries.

According to Eric Stueckrath, president and chief executive officer of Outlook Collaborative, the new organizational structure gives each unit of the collaborative a strategic separation to operate within its core area of focus. With two of the subsidiaries serving the nonprofit sector, creating the parent organization, also a nonprofit, gives each organization better ability to execute their programs and services for the visually impaired.

Outlook Nebraska, the nonprofit organization of origin for the Collaborative, provides employment to the visually impaired at its converting facility through the federal government’s AbilityOne Program, which is one of the nation’s largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities.

Outlook Enrichment’s mission is to create opportunities for people living with vision loss to achieve personal and professional growth and experience a more inclusive community. The nonprofit offers donor-supported programs addressing the critical needs of technology training, and cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities for thousands of people in the region with vision loss.

Outlook Business Solutions expands Outlook Nebraska’s employment mission to help businesses meet their goals. Outlook Business Solutions uses the talent of professionals with vision loss to offer graphic design, copywriting, photography, and customer care to businesses. It also provides companies with solutions to meet their business goals and be socially responsible in the process.

Outlook Properties owns the building and land in which the four entities operate and manages the leases to Goodwill and Crown Cork and Seal located on Outlook Collaborative’s campus near 72nd and F Streets.

To learn more about the Outlook Collaborative, visit www.outlookne.org / www.outlookbusinesssolutions.com or call (402) 614-3331.