John Gant and Craig Ladwig, two longtime Omaha residents, have brought Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing company, to Omaha this spring.   More than 40 million people will be moving to and from many cities in 2013, which means Omaha businesses will see considerable turnover in their loyal customer base.   As opposed to blasting untargeted direct mail or e-mails to established residents who have already chosen their local business partners, Gant and Ladwig will help local businesses reach and impact new movers to town who are actively seeking go-to options for everyday needs in their new hometown.
According to Our Town America CEO, Michael Plummer, Jr., it was their shared understanding and appreciation of the Our Town America program and deep roots to the local community that made John and Craig the perfect fit to bring Our Town America to Omaha.

Our Town America’s Omaha location is now open.   Please feel free to contact Craig or John at 402-779-7709 for more information on the Our Town America program.

For More Information on Michael Plummer and the Our Town America franchise, please visit the corporate website at