Omaha Public Power District (OPPD, is pleased to unveil its enhanced business rebate program, aiming to assist businesses in achieving sustainable cost savings. With increased incentives and streamlined processes for energy-efficient projects, businesses not only benefit directly but also contribute to a more resilient economy. OPPD supports a number of rebate programs for businesses upgrading to energy efficient products, including:

  • Lighting Upgrades for Lighting Controls: Whether you are upgrading existing fixtures or installing lighting controls, rebate options are available to help lower your energy usage.
  • HVAC Equipment: Upgrading your heating and cooling equipment with a high-efficiency system can significantly decrease your energy usage.
  • Advanced Rooftop Unit Controller (ARC): Installing an ARC improves efficiency by up to 68 percent, while maintaining comfort, saving you energy and money.
  • Custom Rebate Program: This program provides rebates for both energy studies and implementation projects. It is designed to cover projects not covered by our other business rebates.

This program signifies their commitment to sustainability and financial prosperity. For details, visit

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