Omaha Empowerment Breakfast ( is excited to announce Thor Schrock, Founder and President of the Schrock Innovations Computer Company, as their speaker for the February 2 networking event. He will be presenting on the topic: Achieving consistent growth in uncertain times: Using data, history and human nature to plan, execute and succeed.

Celebrating its 25th year in business, Thor uses his background in process design and customer service to create compelling and unique offerings in the consumer and business IT marketplace. Schrock Business exploded on the scene in 2023 to fill a growing need for specialized business IT support. The division achieved a 537% increase over the previous year and is projected to double those numbers in 2024. Thor’s business philosophy is to absorb as much information as possible and apply that information to the organization’s systems and plans in order to plot a course of action that maximizes the probability of achieving specific goals.

Growing up near Dundee, Thor graduated from Omaha North High and attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Like many doctors and attorneys, he spent seven years at UNL. Like many tech entrepreneurs, he treated UNL like a community college, dropping out a few credits short of several degrees to apply his ideas in the “real world.”

The Omaha Empowerment Breakfast is a once-a-month non-membership networking event. This worthwhile event is well attended, and it happens on the first Friday of every month. For more information, visit