NRC Announces Free Webinar on Recycling Model Rural Communities

The Nebraska Recycling Council (NRC) ( will host a free webinar on Tuesday, June 5 from noon to 1 p.m.

Recycling in rural areas presents unique challenges. One option is to form multi-community partnerships to capitalize on economies of scale. Learn how rural Nebraska communities in can improve their recycling programs with the hub and spoke recycling model. To register:

The presenter will be Sarah Pierpont, executive director of the New Mexico Recycling Coalition and founder/director of Pierpont Consulting. In partnership with SCS Engineering, she completed the statewide Rural Iowa Hub and Spoke Recycling Study for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that categorized and assessed rural recycling within Iowa, and incorporated a feasibility study to determine the appropriateness of hub and spoke recycling for improving efficiencies. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geology from Colorado College.

The Nebraska Recycling Council’s mission is to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of resource recovery in Nebraska. The organization’s goal is to re-energize resource recovery in Nebraska through innovation, education, training, and the power of collaboration. Visit for more information.