Nouvelle Eve is pleased to announce they are now carrying Billy Blues, a pants and shorts brand that is made in the USA.
Renee Thomas and Billy Curtis, two L.A. natives with many years of fashion experience, founded Billy Blues in Los Angeles in 1998. Since then the company has enjoyed remarkable and steady growth, a reflection of its many loyal customers who appreciate fine quality and perfect fit.

Designer Renee Thomas takes inspiration from European directions in fabrics and colors and creates a varied line of unique products designed in the American way — relaxed fit for a casual lifestyle — comfortable for day and night, work and play.

At a time when almost all companies are cutting costs by manufacturing overseas, Billy Blues continue to be made exclusively in the USA. Billy Curtis directs a team of talented people determined to “get it right,” carefully controlling quality through each step of the process until Billy Blues land safely in specialty stores like Nouvelle Eve.  For more information, please call (402) 345-9633 or visit Nouvelle Eve’s store on 1102 Howard Street.