Nouvelle Eve is pleased to announce they will now be carrying a selection of Muubaa jackets in their boutique.  Muubaa redefines what is possible with leather, challenging the notion that leather can only ever look good as a biker jacket (though we do love a great biker jacket). Worn either as a statement or layered into an overall style, Muubaa pieces bring a refined edge and texture to any look. Their design philosophy is about creating current yet timeless pieces that every woman can make her own, everyday. They take what they know to be possible with leather and push it, often surprising with new ways to use and wear it. Each piece tells a story of contrast: a distressed finish on a tailored cut, feminine detailing on a tough shape, a twist on a classic silhouette. Leather never lies–so fit, cut and finish are Muubaa’s hallmark. By embracing the variable nature of leather, each piece is unique and individual…like the women who wear it.

Nouvelle Eve was established in 1973, and is a boutique themed around empowering other women and giving them the confidence to succeed.  For more information, please contact Susie Keuck or Tami Bolton at (402) 345-4811 or by email at