Nouvelle Eve is pleased to announce they will now be carrying a selection of pieces from Heather Hawkins new jewelry line in their boutique.  Heather Hawkins began her journey of designing and creating an inspired line of handbags that continues to evolve and grow, along with her creative passion. Heather’s hard work and dedication to her passion has paid off. The Heather Hawkins line has grown exponentially and now encompasses a complete line of accessories including handbags, belts, and jewelry. The inspiration for the structure and patterns in Heather’s designs are spawned from such diverse things as seashells, a ribbon’s weave, or the tiles on a rooftop in Italy. Her designs have found their way into the wardrobes of some very high profile celebrities and many other women that cherish unique design and quality construction. Nouvelle Eve has hand-selected a wide variety of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to share with you.

Nouvelle Eve was established in 1973, and is a boutique themed around empowering other women and giving them the confidence to succeed. For more information, please contact Susie Keuck or Tami Bolton at (402) 345-4811 or by email at