Vitru Inc., a new software as a service (SaaS) company, provides businesses and job seekers with an innovative, cost effective and modern approach to job recruitment and placement. By using state of the art software, Vitru assesses companies and job seeker’s distinctive needs, backgrounds, and work principles–therefore matching the right employee with the right job.  This modern and streamlined approach makes finding the ideal job for the ideal employee nearly effortless.

Vitru Inc. is a Nebraska-based company taking a bold new approach to matching businesses with job seekers. Vitru believes that everyone wants to love where they work, and are dedicated to helping them get there. The web-based SaaS uses complex but painless assessments and a matching algorithm to connect businesses with job seekers, and stunning portfolios allow them to showcase the skills and opportunities they offer.  This allows both parties to get straight to a conversation about how they can help each other, while letting each focus on the work they love. Vitru offers its SaaS as a subscription service.

More information about Vitru is available at their website: