New Horizons, LLC, a provider of innovative solutions to environmental problems from consulting to remediation, announces the opening of a new location at 14301 First National Bank Parkway, Suite 100, in Omaha, Nebraska. The office is managed by Melinda Friesz, who recently joined New Horizons.

New Horizons, LLC has a history of providing services to clients in the Omaha and Lincoln marketplace including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Army National Guard as well as commercial real estate developers, construction companies and institutions all needing environmental services.

The fast growing company is also planning to open additional locations in Des Moines, Dallas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas with a long term plan for national expansion.  In the environmental services market, New Horizons fills the void created by impersonal, costly environmental consulting and contracting companies by providing cost-competitive, personalized solutions.  This allows clients to solve difficult, costly environmental problems in the most efficient manner. New Horizons also provides Women Owned Business solutions to many municipalities, governments, and private sector clients that seek to use small businesses to meet their goals instead of large corporations.

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