Omaha Shirtz, an apparel and canvas printing company, is excited to announce they officially opened for business on May 29th.  Omaha Shirtz specializes in high-quality on-demand t-shirt and wall canvas printing in the greater Omaha area.  Compared to other printing companies, Omaha Shirtz utilizes a state-of-the-art digital printing.  Digital printing allows for printing single shirts with no setup costs, full color printing at no extra charge, and full customization between each shirt.   They are also fully capable of customized names on each shirt’s front or back, just like mechanic’s shirts or sports jerseys.  Omaha Shirtz is a locally owned and operated small business, and will take the time and effort to make sure that all of their customers receive the very best product possible. No order is too small, and Omaha Shirtz will always work with their customers to get them the right price for each job.

For more information, please contact Andy Robinson at (402) 320-3682 or by email at  You can also visit their website at