Nelson Contracting is excited to introduce the first and only hail-proof shingle on the market. Eurshield Vermont Slate HP is a new 50-year warrantied shingle made from recycled tires (which reduces the amount of waste in landfills) and the only shingle on the market that’s legitimately hail-proof versus simply hail-resistant (read about the difference here).

Think of the advantage of a roof equipped with a hail-proof shingle, especially in a hail-plagued state like Nebraska!

Vermont Slate HP features a photorealistic, slate-textured surface at a price between asphalt and premium products like metal roofing, synthetics, cedar, and slate, but unlike those materials, Vermont Slate HP is factory warrantied against hail impact damage of any size for the first 20 years (watch this unbelievable video). It then reverts to the standard 30-year warranty for hail of two inches or less. This is the only legitimately hail-proof product available that offers a warranty against any size hail!

Nelson Contracting has over 40 years of roofing experience serving eastern and middle Nebraska from locations in Milford and Lincoln. To find out more about Euroshield Vermont Slate HP, call (402) 704-3447 or go to