Nebcon Inc. is pleased to announce they are featured in the national magazine Underground Construction in the March 2011 issue. Nebcon was chosen to be featured because they were one of the first companies in the United States to purchase and use the Vermeer 20x22fx geothermal drill. They are currently the only company in the Midwest using this particular drill technology. One advantage of using this drill is being able to get into residential areas where space is limited. This gives Nebcon, Inc. the ability to help residential customers who are replacing a traditional furnace and air conditioning units with a geothermal heating and cooling system. The drill also allows them to complete a job while disturbing only half the amount of ground as traditional drills and allows them to go into finished basements horizontally under the floor and eliminate pipes in finished ceilings.

Nebcon Inc. is committed to spreading awareness in green technologies and pushing for better public knowledge of geothermal technology in the Omaha area. For more information about, please contact Nebcon, Inc. at (402) 926-4757 or visit their website at