Mystery Rose ( is celebrating their web launch.  Mystery Rose is a website that allows the locally owned businesses to connect directly with customers and charitable organizations while keeping the dollars spent on Mystery Rose within the community.

The site, which offers only one item for sale at a time, raises money for local charitable efforts part of the time.  The days when a fundraiser is not featured provides an outlet for the locally owned entrepreneur businesses to sell “creative experiences” or items that are not part of their daily operations, capitalizing on the creativity of our community’s entrepreneurs.

Every business or organization featured on Mystery Rose is selected through an application process to ensure Mystery Rose’s offerings meet quality and health standards, and that the dollars spent on Mystery Rose support the local community. The site will also feature biographies of chefs and owners and a high-quality blog, giving consumers another reason to return to the site.

Mystery Rose will launch in October at The Big O event.    A Facebook page has also been established at

For more information, please contact Tina at (402) 681-6987 or email her at