Mojo’s Full Service Car Wash & Detail Center has recently opened at 192nd and Center Streets in Omaha.  They are the first full service car wash built in Omaha since 1989 and are committed to providing the highest quality car wash services using state-of-the-art equipment.  They use closed-cell foam material in their tunnel that cleans cars thoroughly — better than touchless car washes — without the risk of scratching vehicles.

One of their core brand values is environmental conservation.  They recycle eighty-five percent of the water used in their car wash tunnel and the International Carwash Association just awarded them with membership in its WaterSavers program.  They are the only car wash in Nebraska to currently hold this coveted position.  Mojo’s uses biodegradable soaps and conditioners in its tunnel, and we have built our own storm water management system — a first for the carwash industry in Omaha.

Another core brand value is philanthropy.  They look forward to partnering with high schools and non-profit organizations in the area to help with fundraising.  Mojo’s is also proud of the twenty-two new jobs it has created in Omaha.

For more information about Mojo’s Full Service Car Wash & Detail Center, please call (402) 933-6656 or visit their website at