Midlands Place Welcomes Papillion’s First Boba Tea and Rolled Ice Cream Shop

Qtea Boba Tea & Ice Cream (@Qtea.pappillion) opened its doors to the public in late April for its official grand opening. Although a number of boba tea and rolled ice cream shops have popped up in the Omaha metro area recently, Qtea will be the first for the Papillion market.

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, is a drink that originated in Taiwan in the 80s and has rapidly grown in popularity here in the states recently. It’s essentially a tea-based drink (typically black or green tea is used) that is combined with milk and/or fruit-based syrups, then poured over the ‘bobas’ or little pearls made mostly from tapioca starch and other flavorings.

In addition to bubble teas, Qtea will also be offering rolled ice cream, another recent global phenomenon that originated in Thailand. Instead of scooping frozen ice cream from buckets, this unique style of ice cream is made fresh right in front of you using a liquid base which is poured onto a steel pan and cooled to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice cream is then mixed with a variety of toppings to create endless flavors. To serve, the thin layer of ice cream is rolled into cylinder shapes using a metal spatula and placed into a dish where more toppings can be added if desired.

Located at 304 Olson Dr., STE 111, Qtea Boba Tea & Ice Cream will be open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Learn more by calling (402) 208-7955 or visit the Facebook page (@Qtea.pappillion).