Metro Omaha Women’s Business Center (MOWBC, will host a round robin book tasting on July 20. At the event, there will be a collection of books to discuss and chew on. This round robin book tasting is a new opportunity to talk about what these books can offer to businesses and leaders. Attendants will graze on charcuterie boards and discuss how these books can assist women in businesses and others to grow and thrive in their career and business. 

Metro Omaha Women’s Business Center endeavors to accelerate the success of women in all aspects and at all business and professional levels by helping to create economic opportunities through signature MOWBC programs and entrepreneurship. Since 2008, the mission of MOWBC is to empower women to become economically self-sufficient by providing targeted education, workshops, job training, strong relationships and resources that provide business, professional and personal growth. Their core values include integrity, respect, accountability, responsibility and to value and inspire/encourage each person they interact with. To learn more, visit