Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) is throwing two big parties for its 120th birthday – and it wants everyone whose family grew with LFS to come!

LFS began as two orphanages in 1892, and since then thousands of children have found their families through adoption and foster care services.   Families are spread all over the state, and LFS hopes to invite all of them to the celebrations.  To make it easier for families to attend at least one event, the celebrations will be held on both sides of the state:  one in North Platte and one in Omaha. The North Platte event will take place August 26th at the Sandhills Convention Center and the Omaha event will take place on September 16th at Embassy Suites in LaVista.

For now, LFS is compiling the invitation mailing list!  If you adopted a child or grandchild, or were adopted through LFS or Adoption Links Worldwide (ALW), LFS wants to hear from you!   Please send your story to or call Anna at (402) 591-5063 and let them know that you were part of either the LFS or ALW adoption program.

For more information on Lutheran Family Services, please visit their website at