Lion’s Gate Security Solutions Inc. is excited to announce they are now offering Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for businesses.  These plans not only help prepare you for the unexpected, but will also train your employees to handle many types of emergency situations.  Lion’s Gate will assist your organization by developing a customized EAP that will:

Identify Site/Building Vulnerabilities • Identify Training Needs
Identify Goals and Objectives • Develop Learning Activities
Conduct Training for your Specific Workplace
Provide Documented Feedback on Training
Provide Annual Review of Program
Provide Training for your In-House or Contract Security Company
Coordinate with Local Law Enforcement for Unified Response to Emergencies

Lion’s Gate Security Solutions is not just another security company. They are committed to the highest quality security services, and offer customized services to meet your specific needs.  For more information, please call (402) 208-0030 or visit