Dennis S. Minton and Bruce E. Dickes announced the launch of their Omaha firm MintonDickes that works with organizations in need of professional assistance to build motivated sales and management teams, provide cost-effective training and help customers set priorities, develop action plans and achieve order of magnitude growth.

Co-owner Dennis Minton has 25 years experience providing assistance to clients. He described the company’s mission as one of “helping companies get better results without adding to their fixed expenses.”

“Our job at MintonDickes is to help a customer discover the areas of opportunity, develop plans of action to achieve improved outcomes and implement them to realize significantly better results,” added Bruce Dickes who has worked in the field for over 30 years.

MintonDickes believes that each customer is unique and that cookie-cutter solutions do not solve problems. The company’s BrainMining® approach is guaranteed to help identify and prioritize what matters most to a client company and provide customized solutions to solve problems, take advantage of opportunities and provide for sustained -growth.

For more information about MintonDickes, please call Bruce Dickes at (402) 218-3036, Dennis Minton at (402) 980-8180 or email