Mark Lakers is taking his professional experience in attracting business to rural Nebraska to run for the open seat in the Nebraska Board of Regents, “economic activity in rural areas bolsters tax revenues, creates jobs for our graduating seniors, and feeds the academic research process”, Lakers noted, “my experience in bringing business into the state gives me a unique perspective to bring to the Board.

Mark Lakers describes himself as “someone who is passionate about getting things done” and isn’t interested in making the position political.  He cites his own educational opportunities as a key reason for his passion.  An longtime Omaha resident, he attended junior college in Des Moines, IA,  has an undergraduate degree from National College, Rapid City SD and his masters degree from Washington University in St. Louis.  His wide array of experiences has taught him the importance of offering and maintaining a first tier economic climate for all students.

Mark Lakers called his 2010 bid for Governor a “learning experience” and raised his awareness about issues facing Nebraskans and how business and education can work hand in hand in developing rural areas.
Lakers advocates:

The state of Nebraska should have a larger role in Education at all levels.

The state should guarantee student loans as an investment in Nebraska’s future.

Affordability and accessibility of student loans to Nebraska Students.

Mark Lakers called the issue of economic activity of utmost importance for his Omaha district:  “Omaha’s tax burden is too high and a key way to alleviate that is through increasing commerce opportunities in the 90 rural counties in Nebraska.  This will help our graduates find jobs and our universities attract research dollars”

For further information about the Nebraska Board of Regents, please contact Jim Jones at (402) 212-6428.