Laff Breaks Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

On April Fool’s Day, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony held to celebrate the grand re-opening of Laff Breaks ( Laff Breaks is Omaha’s newest and truly FIRST smash club. This re-opening pertains to Laff Breaks offering three separate Laff Lanes (i.e. throw rooms), a brand new party room with its own Laff Lane, and a 60-seat Comedy Club. The ribbon cutting was held in partnership with the Greater Omaha Chamber. Detox Sober Lounge sold their fantastic non-alcoholic mixed drinks during the event.

Laff Breaks is not a “rage room”. There are a wide variety of breakable items available to purchase and, after signing a liability waiver, customers can take the breakables into a semi-private room to throw them at the wall. Each Laff Lane is equipped with a “Dashboard” (countertop barricade), custom LED lighting, protective head gear, a Bluetooth speaker, and a projector with a USB port. You can bring your own USB loaded with movies or pictures to project on the target wall. Laff Breaks also provides movies to project on the wall.

Since fully opening in January, Laff Breaks has earned several “5 Star” reviews. Customers have posted comments such as: “Great stress reliever,” “It’s so therapeutic,” and “Wasn’t sure but very addictive! Had a blast.”

Laff Breaks is located at 3830 N 108th Plaza in Omaha. Visit to learn more. You can email or call (402) 235-LAFF (5233) for more information or to book an appointment.