King Insurance Offers Coverages to Help Protect Businesses Against Cybercrime

With a tremendous increase in cybercrime in 2020—much because of the growth in the number of employees working from home during the pandemic—King Insurance ( President Rick King recently issued an E Crime Alert to remind businesses to protect their information from criminals. The risk of cybercrime includes personally identifiable information about your employees, clients, and customers, including names, addresses, email addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, telephone numbers, and more. If a breach on your system occurs and you have collected personally identifiable information, you can suddenly face the costs of notification, monitoring, and possibly restitution—costs that could prove fatal for businesses of all sizes if they are not covered by a cyber insurance plan tailored to their specific needs.

King Insurance offers a full suite of cyber coverages to protect your business against cybercrime and the associated costs. Those include first-party coverage for cyber extortion; data-recovery costs, business interruption, e-crime coverage, notification costs, forensic-investigation services, and many more. King Insurance can provide you with dependable cyber-protection products at affordable prices.

For more than 40 years, King Insurance has worked with a group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies to provide clients the best coverages at competitive prices. To discuss your cyber insurance needs or learn more about King Insurance, visit or call (402) 597-5224, ext. 113.