KETO Summit 2020 Midwest Comes to Omaha

Mark your calendars for the KETO Summit 2020 Midwest (, a two-day conference slated for Friday and Saturday, January 10-11, 2020. The summit will be held at The Relevant Center in Elkhorn and will bring together experts and enthusiasts as well as anyone who has an interest in the field of ketogenic nutrition. Registration for the summit is open to the public.

The KETO Summit will feature medical doctors and experts in ketogenic nutrition on topics that range from keto for kids, women’s health, keto and disease, how to get started, reversing diabetes, the carnivore diet, and the overall keto lifestyle. The ketogenic diet is a powerful metabolic tool to lose weight, fight disease, increase longevity, and increase energy.

Attendees will hear from eight national speakers and keto experts, including the local keto celebrity known as “Doctor Fit and Fabulous!” There will also be dozens of keto vendors who will share product samples and demos, start-up-guides, and books. Local restaurants that support the low-carb lifestyle will also be available to answer your questions, such as The Omaha Bakery. The KETO Summit committee is working hard to facilitate connections and a great experience for every attendee. More speakers, prizes, contests, and special sessions will be announced as the summit approaches.

To register or learn more about the KETO Summit 2020 Midwest, go to